Deployed to Spain? Don't miss out on incredible Spanish and European travel opportunities. Travel in Spain and Europe is now yours for the taking. The Rota MWR ITT (Information, Tickets, Tours) helps you to visit destinations in Spain and around Europe.

A MWR specialty is the cultural and historic tours to nearby Jerez de La Frontera and El Puerto de Santa Maria, which feature Flamenco dance shows, the Andalucian horse shows and tours of the world famous sherry wine bodegas.  If this isn't enough, then more of Andalucia's greatness and history awaits you with tours to the wondrous cities of Cordoba, Granada, Ronda or Sevilla. Still haven't had enough? Then trips to Gibraltar and Portugal should not be missed!

 ITT Trip Leader

Looking for a rewarding and culturally enhancing job experience? Come and join the group of MWR trip leaders for leisure and outdoor trips.  Monetary incentive is attractive, you get the opportunity to know many of the local places, meet and get acquainted to many members of our community, visiting active duty members and retirees as well.  You must be a TEI card holder to apply.

For more details, please contact the ITT manager at ext 727-3101 or at